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    Monday, May 26, 2008

    OOO. i managed to sign in. amazing. okay, so i actually remember the thing. the pass & user. message me if you wanna know, yeah? 91183731. oh yes. its JAYNE again. yes, hello, my dear fellow ex-six allamandians. i wanna know how life is with yall! URGH. we MUST MUST MUST have a party again, yeah? a reunion. okay, anybody wanna host it? let's go to east coast or somewhere near this time, okay? june holidays okay with you fine, mighty people? message me, yeah? okay, see you people soon.


    P.S. just some info. im less guai than i used to be;P/

    P.P.S. here are some links i found.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0vpb0iGA6I thats seraphina's, right?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjKN8n3MxjA&feature=related tiffany's, right?


    Sunday, January 6, 2008

    hey people!
    its me!
    the one and only JAYNE ROZARIO!
    first wanna start off by saying, MISS YOU ALL!!
    now, why is NOBODY posting in this blog?
    i mostly see only sarah and ms mong talking on the chatbox thingy.
    anyways, must catch up kay!
    tkgs is fun but like full of SMART people!
    so irritating.
    cos like they all got so high for PSLE and i got so low..haha.
    anyways, tkgs is really fun.
    i wanna know how your schools are going people!
    so sms me kay?
    must talk!
    thats my number.
    talk to you all soon, kay?


    Wednesday, December 5, 2007

    Hey this is Regine.... how come no one wanna post here? Later the blog cry... lols just kidding... so uhm........... I guess most of us are going to the same school [[SACSS]]... right??? Hope to see each other soon too. It's so boring at home... miss school lots...


    *I dunno why, but I just can't wait for Christmas^^


    Sunday, November 18, 2007

    HEY GUYS. i know that no one has posted for a seriously long time. so i'm gonna post :


    IT WAS DAMN SAD. i cried when i saw all the pictures and stuff.
    i'm really gonna miss you guys. looking at the class video. it makes me think of you guys too(:
    thank you SERAPHINA for making it. anyways. about graduation day. it must have been really really sad for you guys yeah(: for all you guys who have clique's do remember the times you had alright? and remember. ALL OF US HAVE TO KEEP IN CONTACT ALRIGHT! hahas.


    the class party rocked(: except for the part when people were playing with cats like crazy. i got really pissed off by them. but guys(: ITS OKAY. i understand that some people really like cats(:
    so. we dance, played who what huh and splat. SPLAT WAS FUNN. Hahas. then after the games and the food and stuff. we brought out the cake for miss mong and genevieve. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TWO! hmmms(: i didnt know miss mong likes ELMO! LALALALA LALALALA ELMO'S WORLD! :D i like the song. it makes me hyper sometimes. so. i went home at about 11. and really really sorry to prashanti for not being able to send you back yeah! hahas. took many pictures. watched the last episode of ghost whisperer. there should be a second season. cos it wasnt really complete. :D it was scary. but nice. kay. sorry to maga too. cos i cant upload the pictures on my com. my mother's gonna go to the photo shop or something to put it into a disc(: so yeah. thats for now guys. NEXT WEEK PSLE RESULTS. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU. HOPE YOU GUYS PASS WITH FLYING COLOURS.

    Mingyi loves 6al o7'



    Wednesday, November 7, 2007

    hey y'allz :)
    this fatin here
    yesterday was pretty much normal except for our last 5 periods of class.
    it was quite fun as some of us helped Miss Mong with cutting strips of paper for the prize-giving ceremony.people including Margarita and Loshini. i think. thats all i can remember. then ynez and carolyn were doing stuff with chalk. pretty nice but kinda weird to me. but hey, what else can they do? i mean, Ms Mong said "art". i guess it was a pretty big thing to them. especially to ynez. then me and beth. we were flipping through nicole's tiger beet/beat(???) magazine( i flipped thru it b4) cuz we were bored. then megan and gang wanted to see it. and i wasnt in the mood to answer anyone in long sentences cuz i was too BORED. so i left them doing their thing and went over to ms mong and her cutting crew. i ASKED if i could help but it seemed like everyone knew what they were doing... so... i left them there..... oh yeah and b4 i forget, jayne and gen were doing stuff with the guitar... aniwaes... ( i noe this is boring) i went over to GLU along with ming yi, delia and sarah over there playing PICTIONARY with a fun twist ( well it was FUN TO ME). delia picked a retarded word for me : clenched. how was i supposed to know it was something to do with your fist? i thought: teeth. so i was doing stuff and people started laughing at me...... i didnt feel like being laughed at at that time but eventually i joined in.... laughing i mean... then it was mabel's turn to pick a word and it was really funny cuz she was flipping thru the book and laughing and doing something with her hand.... it was weird but funny.... then i chose a word for alycia: bloodshot. she pulled her bottom eyelids down and everyone was laughing hysterically... then jayne came over and told me she wanted to show me something. i went over. then she played the f.r.i.e.n.d.s song 'i'll be there for you' on the guitar IT WAS THE MOST WONDERFUL-EST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD. lemmie tell you: it was INCREDIBLE! they should give her a record deal. then the 6EPs from next door left so we moved over. then they played songs on the com.. we all sang to them. miss mong chose the song " Way Back Into Love" from the movie music and lyrics sung by drew barrymore (love her) and hugh grant (old guy).... so fun then the bell rang... so sad... oh well..
    to diviya, prashanti, loshini and everyone hindi, HAPPY DEEPAVALI! my dad also celbrates it somehow.... so funny.. goodnite everyone!

    ps: evrybody say oil! its a nice word : o-yel. say it!


    Friday, November 2, 2007

    Hellos', it's me, Regine here. Is it.... very weird for me to like... just write things here..... ok nvm... i'll tell u about today!
    Today in school during rehearsing for the thanksgiving day like about... 11 plus in the morning??? Ya, and I can tell that MsMong was kinda.... angry... with us.... cause... i think we didn't act that properly.... or maybe we didn't really cooperate together... something like that... I thought that MsMong was gonna scold us like crazy, but MsMong didn't.... phew. I was like bored in the art room waiting for 12.30p.m. to come... or actually i was damn bored and i didn't do anything. I just stare blank at the table.... 0_0ll... (actually.... i'm very scared when MsMong gets angry... no offence to msmong if you're reading this ah!)
    Today was Carolyn's birthday 2th November... you know how lonely is Carolyn?! We went to Plaza Singapura to.... er.... how to say ah... uhm... just like... play???? Ya, and we ate... Ichiban.... I dunno la, it's a Japanese restaurant. I WAS BUSY EATING SASHIMI. When I wanted to get out of my seat(it was like a sofa and there was a stairs), i tripped over the stairs and my butt nearly slipped off she sofa. Damn scary leh! Can fall one lor! Carolyn laughed at me like crazy women until everyone stared at her. HAHAHA! After that, we went to shop around plaza sing' like crazy... i bought somethings.... i can't tell la. (Carolyn, if you know, don't say please! I beg you hor! DON'T TELL! Or I'LL KILL YOU! no la, kidding. Just don't tell.) Oh ya, Carolyn bought a pink color pencil box from GIRLS shop. I was shocked la. It was pink in color. FINALLY. Hope she become more girly lor... after that we went to watch a movie called "The 11th Hour". When we entered the cinema hor, we were the first la! So scary, like no one is gonna watch! Then soon, two quite old couples and one women came too. It was like only 7 people! But Carolyn said there was eight people. Maybe she saw ghost...? Ah... touchwood touchwood! When the show was starting, Carolyn made alot of noise, because the movie showed some big floods, drought, tornadoes and more disasters la. Then the auntie behind us went to tap Carolyn's shoulder then Carolyn said, "OUCH!". WAH LAO! TAP ONLY OSO SAY OUCH. Then the auntie said, "Mind if you please stop making noise." At that time hor, Carolyn put her finger on her lips then look away. YOU KNOW HOW PAI-SEH I AM?!!!! But Carolyn still made a little bit of noises which somehow INTERRUPTED ME. Anyway, the movie is about our planet earth... what kind of disasters all this. I find it interesting la, like science.... then Carolyn say very boring, so she slept. YOU ALL WANNA KNOW HOW SHE SLEPT?!!!! Lying sideways, nearly gonna lie onto my side liao. GOSH! I DUNNO HOW SHE SLEEP ONE LEH! SNORING like a PIG! Sorry ah Carolyn, make you embarrassed. Ya, and when the movie is gonna end soon, Carolyn nagged and nagged say she wanna go toilet very urgent liao. Keep on nagging non-stop! I hope that the auntie scold her again. AH hahaha.... lol. Then when the movie ended, we quickly make our way to the exit and the way to the toilet was long! Actually i was desperate to go to the toilet too. But i just don't wanna nag too much. After we came out of the toilet, we were relaxed... phew. Then it was like about 7.00 oready when we took a train home la. Carolyn talked so loud in the MRT train, i was pai-seh again. Hiya, why always like that one?! When i came back, i saw my sms from Carolyn la. CAROLYN, DON'T MIND IF I READ IT AH! SORRY! It was: "Regine sry i didn take bus but i asked my father to fetch me but most importantly is tat we had alot of fun." I was like lol... OK. Today was quite fun la. But I'm just kinda embarrassed... but still happy la, at least Carolyn happy then OK lor. She was wishing that her parents would buy her a birthday cake. LOL. Ok that's the end of my day outside... I'm tired... of walking here and there with Carolyn in Plaza Sing'. Sigh... OK bye bye....

    Regine (Hey tell you'll something. I don't really like my name... so I prefer the name 'Ree' or 'Gine' la.. so if you wanna call me that, i won't mind. Thanks. )


    Saturday, October 27, 2007

    boo yah!
    its your girl marga... anyways... please send me all your photos you took throughout the whole year and including the ones if u have since last year... send me your clique's photos if yall had a private party of whadeva... i want them all sent to mengits@hotmail.com

    thank yous! i love yall! muack!